Multidisciplinary Programs for Prevention & Responding to Contact Failure: Education, Early Identification and Timely, Effective Judicial Intervention

AFCC 21 May 2020


Webinar for school counsellors : The Role of the School Counsellor in Preventing Parental Alienation, Jerusalem May 2020

Parental Alienation Europe: Dublin, Ireland; November 2020

La Dolce Vita – Parental Alienation: Derry, Northern Ireland; November 2020

Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University: The Law of guardianship for mental health professionals – what does the judge expect from an expert?December 2020

The Haruv Institute Third International Conference, Jerusalem, December 2020.

Parental Alienation Study Group: Brussels, Belgium; April 2021

Parental Alienation Study Group: Gold Coast, Australia; August 2021

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts: Boston MA USA; June 2021

Articles in press:

Parental Alienation: Legal Responses in International Family Law Policy and Practice, Winter 2019-2020

Articles in preparation:

Cost-Utility Analysis of Interventions to Reduce Mental Health Damage to Children at Risk of Parental Alienation (with Professor Michael Humphries and Dr Gary Ginsberg)

A PA Prevention Project: Report on proposals from around the world (with Dr Nick Child)

Books in preparation:

Responsibilities: Family Life, Family Law, Family Courts

Why Rights are Wrong and What to do About Them


Family Law and Family Courts reform: Judges of District Courts, Ireland; November 2020

Family Law and Family Courts reform: Netherlands: continuing.

Family Law and Family Courts reform: Scotland: material submitted

Recent publications:

Editorial (on proposals for family court reform). Irish Journal of Family Law, Vol 23 No 1 Winter 2020

Innovative Programs in Israel for Prevention & Responding to Parental Alienation: Education, Early Identification and Timely, Effective Intervention  Family Court Review, Volume 58 Issue 2, 545-599 April 2020

Economic Implications of Prevention and Early Intervention for Parental Alienation in chapter on Public Policy Initiatives Related to Parental Alienation,  Parental Alienation: Science and Law , D. Lorandos and W Bernet  (2020 Charles C. Thomas Publisher)

The PASG Prevention Project: A Preliminary Report (with Dr. Nick Child) in PAI, Parental Alienation Newsletter, (PASG Parental Alienation Study Group, May 2020